Armour Sa is Now proudly a milsafe international company

A MISSION CRITICAL GLOBAL MILITARY SUPPLIER, 1 Ludik Street, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa Registration Number: 2018/030131/07 VAT Number: 4570280729 Export number 218 108 33

Armour SA /Milsafe Int

Armour SA is a South African based operation with an international footprint. We are a security solutions company with a focus on dynamic and highly effective products that mostly incorporate innovative technology. This focus allows us to provide products that are ahead of the curve and out of the reach of criminal elements which constantly aim to find loopholes in common security products. With this in mind, our clients enjoy complete and all-encompassing solutions to their particular security issues.


Everyone’s security situation is unique and therefore no single product can provide a solution to all. This is why MilSafe has focussed its attention on a select portfolio of highly adaptable and extremely capable products which, when used in conjunction or on their own, offer a security solution that covers a wider spectrum of needs than other products currently available in the market. Our dynamic portfolio is constantly expanding and developing with the newest and most effective security products available in our constant quest to create complete security solutions for our clients.


The technological age in which we live provides us with incredible innovation in the security industry. Devices are becoming smaller, more affordable and hugely more capable than what was ever thought possible. While MilSafe has some conventional security products which are generally required in its portfolio; our focus remains on intelligent, multi-functional, innovative products that allow our clients to exercise greater control over their own security and provides them with the peace of mind of knowing that they are several steps ahead of the criminal elements.

We carefully select products based on some strict criteria:

Effectiveness – The product must work well.

Innovation – Criminals find loopholes in widely used security products, so the use of innovative products reduces this risk.

Control – The user should have as much control over their security as possible.

Versatility – One product that can serve multiple functions makes more sense.

We collaborate with a number of partners and affiliates in order to offer clients full security coverage and true peace of mind.

MilSafe (Pty) Ltd. is an ideal partner in the quest to create complete security solutions for household, business, rural, city, site and other applications.

Contact us for total security peace of mind.

Yours in Global Security Solutions,

Milsafe Pty Ltd.

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