About us

Communications and Technology Solutions

Leading communication and technology solution provider in hostile environments

Leading companies within different industries across the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia, turn to Sicuro to solve their communications and technology requirements and concurrently to maximise the efficiency, competitiveness, safety and security of their operations.

Sicuro specialises in GPS and RTLS tracking, sensor integration (IoT), radio, cellular and satellite technology. Sicuro’s engineering team apply robust solutions to the most complex business problems including improving the visibility of personnel, vehicle, or assets as well as creating smart fleet, inventory, and other IoT solutions.

Some benefits of working with Sicuro include:
•    Extensive experience as a trusted provider of customised technical and risk-management solutions for sophisticated requirements
•    Development roadmap applying to existing and emerging solutions and technology
•    Partnerships with Machine-to-Machine (M2M) hardware manufacturers, major radio communication companies and network providers
•    Intelligent and intuitive platforms
o    User friendly software allows for a seamless monitoring experience
•   Commitment to personal client service
o    Speak to one of Sicuro’s certified engineers in seconds, any time or day (24/7)
o    Deployed staff for on-site operational and technical support
o    Effective and tailored training by Sicuro’s Engineers and Operations Managers to achieve operational and financial benefits

GPS Tracking

Sicuro has developed an international reputation for delivering reliable location-based solutions for major NGOs, government entities, oil & gas, logistics, and security companies in 40 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. With 12 years of experience, Sicuro has provided over 40,000 transponders for the following:

  • Vehicle Tracking (IVMS)
  • Asset and Cargo Tracking
  • Personal Tracking

Radio and Satellite Communication Solutions

Sicuro’s engineering and management team expertly consults, designs, installs and supports a full range of Motorola, Hytera, Codan, Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat, radio and satellite communications systems. From a fleet of satellite phones to a complex TETRA multisite requirement, Sicuro’s team regularly design solutions to be scalable, financially viable and fit for purpose.

M2M and IoT Solutions

In an evermore connected world, M2M and IoT based solutions are becoming far more mainstream across industries, regardless of geo-location. Sicuro has extensive experience and an enviable track record of assisting clients to identify gaps, and to address them pragmatically. Sicuro has particular experience of M2M and IoT solutions in remote and hostile environments where communications and logistics can often provide additional challenges.